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Character Sheet for The UnExpected: Underage Chara by DreadedOne131 Character Sheet for The UnExpected: Underage Chara by DreadedOne131
Story Arc this character appears in: (Example: If this character is part of Black Cat and her Happy Friends, type TAOYUNDAO Story Arc.  If this character is a member of Gunn Crew Academy but not to be involved in Taoyundao Story Arc, type Gunn Crew.  If this character appears in The Earth Shaker Story Arc, type EARTH SHAKER.  For a list of story arcs, see our gallery at :iconthe-unexpected-rp:

This sheet is for all characters that are below the age of 18 and are of species that this is still considered Adolescence.  Down this sheet so you can write in it and change it however you think you should, but try to keep the following info in.

1. Please draw in your character's picture in the blank space between the title and the Text.  Make the background color based on one of the following choices of what you think which of the following words listed would motive your character the most.
White: Holy
Silver: Protection of loved ones or friends
Green: WillPower/Wrath
Yellow: Awe/Fearsomeness
Red: Rage/Joy
Orange: Greed/Friendship
Blue: Sadness/Faith & Activism
Indigo: Compassion/Pride
Violet: Love/Obsession
Brown: Reality/Science
Dark Grey: Evil & Chaos
Black: Death/Justice
Or Customize background color and explain why you felt you had to do that

2. Text
2.1 Student At:

Belong to one of the following academies (More academy's will be added as we add more story arcs!)

Taoyundao Story Arc:
Apprentice Holy Witch (Name Mentor)
Apprentice Magician (Name Mentor)
Apprentice Exorcist Non Aligned (Name Mentor)
Apprentice Exorcist at Our Lady Prays For The World Catholic School (Name Mentor)
Our Lady Prays For The World Catholic School
Taoyundao Military Academy
Gunn Crew Academy
Taoyundao Robot Technical

Earth Shaker Story Arc:
Woodview Elementary…
Fair City Junior High
Fair City High School
Coach's Junior Villain School

or choose
Alternative Schooling (Such as Taught by my parents)
Indigent Minor (Has no one to care for them)

2.2 Age: Type in Approximate age

2.3 Height: Type in Approximate Height (Meters or Inches)

2.4 Species: What type of being is your person.  If you type Demon and you picked the Taoyundao story arc, remember there are lots of Exorcists and Holy Witches in that story.

2.5 Descent/Culture/Nationality/Gender: Very difficult questions, even gender as we allow Gender Blending characters within our RP group.  Type an answer to the best of your ability right now.

2.6 What we should probably know about your character: A good place to type in if you character is an original character belonging to you, or fan-non character, or actually a character from another series that you modified for this story.

If you have suggestions on how we could improve this sheet or have questions, please comment below.
danielluster81 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
That's an EPIC character sheet, DreadedOne131!! :D
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December 16, 2013
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